Scratch cards are small cards which can be paper- based as well as plastic and these consist of concealed information. These cards consist of one or several areas which have concealed information/ PINs hidden beneath them. This concealed information is present beneath an opaque covering which has to be scratched in order to reveal the information. Scratch cards are known by several other names, such as scratch ticket, scratcher, scratch off, scratch- and- win, instant lottery, instant game, scratchie, scratch game and scratch it.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are used for various different purposes. The most widespread use of scratch cards is in the form of lottery tickets for gambling purposes as well as in the form of card for quizzes. These scratch cards are also used for concealing PINS for telephone calling cards and various other prepaid services.

Scratch cards are also differentiated on the basis of the area that has to be scratched. In some cards, the entire area is to be scratched in order to conceal the information/ PIN. These cards usually carry secret PINs and may also reveal whether the owner of the card has won something or not. The result is not dependent on the area scratched. On the other hand, only a specific area is to be scratched like in the case of quizzes. In this case, players have to scratch areas corresponding to correct answers.

William Hill Scratch Cards

In most of the gambling applications, players win prizes based on the area that is scratched. In such scratch cards, the card is declared to be invalid if more than specified areas are scratched by the player. Once a player loses, he/ she can scratch all concealed areas on the card to reveal the rewards and prizes that they could have won.

History of Scratch Cards

During the initial days, random manual techniques were used for the purpose of creating scratch cards. The very first computer- generated lottery game was created in the United States in the year 1974. In the year 1987, an Inc. of West Warwick, Astro- Med, received the US patent for developing the very first instant scratch- off lottery tickets.

Some of these scratch cards also require players to scratch off 2 or more areas on the scratch card for revealing different numbers, codes, symbols, etc.

Scratch Cards

Gradually scratch cards become immensely popular in the world of gambling due to low cost as well as the chance to win prizes instantly. There are also few complicated types of scratch cards which give players the opportunity to win prizes based on several different ways with a single card. Scratch cards with matching symbols, words, pictures, adaptations of famous games (blackjack, monopoly, poker, etc.), based on popular themes, such as NASCAR, Harley Davidson, FIFA World Cup, etc are also commonly used for gambling purposes.

Scratch Cards offered by online casinos

Players interested in playing online scratch cards can also buy and use these inexpensive cards from various online casinos. In fact, some of the top- ranked casinos in the world offer players with the chance to win huge prizes in the most inexpensive and quick manner with these online scratch cards. Similar to other casino games, these scratch cards also come with their own themes and offer cash prizes and various grand prizes to players. Interestingly, scratch cards also come with their share of promotions and bonuses.

William Hill Scratch Cards

Playing scratch cards at an online casino is much easier than buying these cards from a retail store. Earlier scratch cards was just about scratching and winning prizes but now almost all casinos offer scratch cards and these are often combined with other famous games and themes, including craps, poker, blackjack, etc.

Beginners also have the option to participate in free- plays so that they get a chance to learn everything about scratch card games before starting playing for real money.

Some of the popular scratch card games offered by top online casinos include Merlin’s Millions, Lucky Stars, Win Pig, Bingo Doubler, Have a Great Day, Lucky Dog, Dr Love, Emperor’s Garden, and Bullseye among others.

Winning Odds in Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have gained popularity to become one of the most played games in the world of gambling. This is because of their availability as well as the opportunity to win instantly. Also, the scratch card odds decided by the scratch card company will stay as it is for long time, hence giving players more chances of winning.

Odds in scratch card games are 100 percent definite because these cards are printed as well as uploaded onto gaming websites long before you even decide to participate in scratch card betting. Hence, the number of winners is also predetermined in case of scratch card gambling. This means that if a player has bought all the available scratch cards, he will definitely win on a third of the total cards.